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This self love movement practice will challenge your body and your mind. Combining yoga with athleticism, affirmations and visualization, this is fitness in a way you've never seen before.

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"I'm so glad I found your online classes. I love them!"


"I just finished your 20 min Connektion class and I am sweaty! Love these classes!"


"Your energy is infectious! This is exactly what I've been looking for! Thank you!"


"I am loving these classes! Feeling myself get stronger with each practice is so addicting. Can't wait to see what you do next!"


"Just did your core workout. Killer. But so amazing."


"These recipes look amazing"


Frequently Asked Questions

Each membership offers unlimited streaming of our On Demand classes. We launch with 14 classes ranging from 20 min to 55 min in length and will add 8 new classes each month! Check out the different membership options to see what else they offer!

We are so excited to be bringing in "Featured Instructors" to offer a variety of fitness classes, as well as a diverse community of instructors. Expect to see Barre, Pilates, traditional Yoga, Meditation, Inversion practice, weights and more!

We believe in YOUR ability! Whether you believe it or not, YOU ARE STRONG and so capable of incredible things! We offer classes that are meant to challenge you but also provide modifications and How-To Instructional Videos to help with your practice.  So YES, we offer beginner friendly options!

You definitely can!  Send us an email or DM on instagram and let us know what you're interested in so we can get your credit coupon code ready for you!

We don't currently have a free trial, but we do have a free trial class posted on our YouTube channel.  Check out Sekond Skin Society on YouTube to see if you're into our vibe!

You can upgrade anytime!  Just reach out when you're ready and we will assist you with the process!

What Is The Connektion?

The Connektion is a self love movement practice connecting mind, body and breath through the practice of yoga, strength and conditioning, and dance, to discover your highest self.

Using mirrors or visualization to point out the things you love about yourself, to show yourself how strong you are, how capable you are, how dedicated you are, how in control you are, how much you can accomplish when you decide to make it happen.

Using touch to establish the mind-body connection, for breath work, for mudras, to feel the muscles as they are being used and developed.

Using the arms to hug ourselves throughout the practice and at the end - showing gratitude and appreciation for our bodies.

Using speech to affirm to ourselves good things, to remind ourselves that we can do so much more than we think we can, to show ourselves love and appreciation and to connect with our most powerful selves.

Using visualization in final savasana to connect to the person you WANT to be - the person you already ARE!

This class is MEANT to challenge you and take you outside of your comfort zone. After all, we know this is where the magic happens! You need only a mat and an open heart.

Can't wait to Connekt with you all!

Your health is important to us

Being truly healthy involves taking care of your body, your mind and your heart. So, naturally we wanted to include a nutritional component so our members can have a jumping off point.  We recognize that a healthy diet DOES NOT look the same for everyone, nor should it.  By giving an option for Paleo or Vegan Nutritional plans, these are simply options for wholesome foods to get you started.  Every person NEEDS to find a way of nourishing their bodies that works for them - there is no one size fits all! Your nutritional needs will also change as your body changes, as you enter different stages of life, as your health needs or life situations demand different nutrition.  That's why we have brought on Holistic Nutritionist Alex Kimble of Soulfire Holistics as our society's virtual Nutritional Coach. Alex has developed the meal plans included in your membership but is also available for customized nutritional planning at your request.

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Your Time Is Now

This is your time to challenge yourself. This is your time to push past your comfort zone. This is your time to let go of the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. This isn't just a physical practice - this is an inner and outer movement and it starts right here, right now!


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